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Sign and Experiencing Shortage Due to Body Fluids

Two-thirds of the weight of the human body consists of water, so that's why the need for water in the body is very important. So what if humans experience water shortages or better known as dehydration? According to a number of studies have shown that humans can only survive for three days without water and much shorter than not eating. This is because the existing water supply in the human body functions and is responsible entire organ in the body. Among the works to help dissolve minerals, regulates body temperature, regulate kidney and many others. If the body does not get the maximum water intake will affect the function of organs in the body. Usually, if the body lacks water intake or dehydration symptoms will appear on the body. There are many signs if the body is not enough fluid, which are as follows!

Inila Some Signs and Experiencing Shortage Due to Body Fluids

As already mentioned above is dehydrated usually will have a thing called dehydration. Dehydration is itself a body condition that not enough fluid in the body. Signs that accompany body becomes weak, tired, dry throat, dizziness and many others. If you've experienced it would be much better to drink plenty of water in order to restore your body to become well again.

Problems occur Digestive Organ
The next sign of symptoms or when the body is dehydrated is the problem with the digestive organs. The digestive tract is a very komloles channel and is in need of water which serves to digest food. If the body is not enough fluid will arise various kinds of digestive problems that you feel. Among them are experiencing constipation, heartburn and abdominal pain. This is because the layers of the abdominal wall consists of 98% water and contains bicarbonate to protect against stomach acid. This layer should always be thick at all times to prevent stomach problems. Water helps maintain the thickness of the lining of the stomach. Not drinking enough water then this layer will be thinned, and cause damage.

Feels Dry Skin
Not only organ in the body that can result when the reaction is dehydrated. But the skin will also feel more dry than the previous day. With a lack of fluid can make and function of enzymes is not working optimally so as to make the structure of the outer skin will feel dry and compared to the previous day.

Triggering Disease High Blood Pressure
Lack of water intake can cause high blood pressure, because it can cause some of the capillaries to close, resulting in restrictions on the movement of blood. It also can create problems in the heart, because the heart will work harder to pump blood. Fluid in the arteries will compensate for the lack of water in the capillaries. Thus, adequate drinking water can help to lower blood pressure. If blood flow to the kidneys is restricted due to lack of water, it reacts with the constriction of blood vessels and arteries which makes the blood pressure is higher. So that's why in order to avoid lack of fluids fill the water intake to the maximum.

Many explanations about the sign and due to lack of fluid that you can know. A few explanations and hopefully this time can be beneficial to us all, especially related to health issues. 
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